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Bad Day

I hate that we are having more of these days than the good ones.  We received the results back from out PET scan.  We have a non-regional lymph node, (external iliac) that is lite up.  Its either from the colorectal tumor or lymphoma as she has sign of that cancer also.  I'm sure we will get another biopsy.  We do have enlarged perirectal nodes that are not hypermetabolic but concerning and a soft tissue issue in the presacral region, although she does have a fractured tailbone.  Its a good old stage 3 A possible 3 B.  We were praying for good news for once, but we are not seeing any thing fall our way.  We are going to a new oncologist on Friday and are hopeful we can beging treatments soon.  I really wanted to share good news for once, but maybe next time.

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Nathan, I'm so sorry you and your dear wife had one of the bad days. It's going to be tough but once she starts her treatment, you will likely start to feel you're getting some control and working towards her cure. My first couple months left me so wholly depressed. Some people find ways to stay positive throughout this experience, but I wasn't one of them. Many of us aren't. So, know that a bad day will be balanced by a better day later on down the road. My prayers are that those days come soon!
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I am so sorry you are having a hard day. I am in a similar position as you are. My husband has pancreatic cancer, found last Halloween, stage 1 supposedly but still things are not going well. He doesn't tolerate the chemo well and today was not allowed to have the treatment. It's heartbreaking, and heartbreaking again to see the worry in his face. We are doing a good job staying positive but still it is the most difficult thing I have come up against in my life. It is probably the most difficult thing ever in my husbands life as well. I will be praying for you and your family as you gather the results and plan treatment. Keep the faith, it's what keeps us going.
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So sorry for your bad day. I do hope that things will start to look better. My thoughts are with you hugs, love, and prayers
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Hi everyone I'm new here.

Just curious how to share here, do I place things in the bio section or a seperate post.  My wife was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on 3/3/2017 and things are moving so fast and yet they are so slow.  It sucks being on the sidelines.  We are still getting results in from test and biopsies.  We go in tomorrow for a large biopsy of the tumor and of the uterus and have a port placed.  I'm so worried and scared.

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Welcome. In answer to your questions, most people fill out the bio and then use the blog to post what is happening, what they are thinking or just ask questions. You will be able to read about other peoples experiences with the same illness and treatments. It helps to know you are not alone. My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last October so we are in similar roles. I want to take away his pain, take away the uncertainty of our future and make his life perfect, but in reality I can't do any of that. I only want to hear good news from the doctors but that's not going to well either. But, some people are cured of colon and rectal cancer. I pray with all my heart that is the case for your wife. Try and stay positive, it helps, and it is scary. It gets easier when you have some answers and a course of treatment planned. Then at least you know where you are going. Hope that helps some.
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I welcome you here, but sorry to hear about your wife. The best way to update on this site is to do a blog post, just as you have above.

I wish your wife all the very best.

you need to stay strong for her!! that is really important.
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Nathan, Worry is useless...I like to use the word 'concerned'...Worry tends to make one think of the 'what ifs' which does us no good because we do not know what the future holds...Try to stay in the what has to be done and wait for the results...the facts...How does you wife feel about this? I am a 19 yr survivor of colon cancer and was 65 at the time...When they found the tumor..I had immediate surgery..and chemo I read other similar situations I find they do things differently now...It seems chemo comes before surgery...I was told that chemo for colon cancer was the mildest...I had stage 3 which to this day I think was flirting with stage 4...above all ...if you have any questions for the doctors about your wife's condition, please ask not be shy about that..both of you put on boxing gloves and get ready for the fight...and in your heart and mind do not accept losing the fight...I wrote a lot of posts here..."Red Shoes" is one of that everything will work out...Prayers for your wife and family...When the going gets tough, the tough gets going....
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Hi, Nathan,
The early part is the toughest. As this shakes out, you will see more clearly what the path forward is. We were scared sh@tless as well, and read all the blogs, which made tuning in even more depressing. But then we settled into a routine and got some good news along with the bad. You will write your own story, but the people on this site will share their own experiences and help you dry your tears so you can support your wife in the best way possible. And you will make it through this.
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Hello Nathan. So sorry about your wife, but you have come to a good blog. We are all cancer survivor or care givers. So you are not alone. If you want advice for just to talk or release, we have all done that too. I would not have done as well helping my husband with out all the loving and open people here. Don't feel shy about asking questions. Stay strong and don't forget to take care of yourself. Hugs
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Well I have a minute so I'll give you a quick update. We went in on the 3rd of march for a colonoscopy that's when we found approx. a 7cm tumor in the lower third of the rectum. We were rushed to get a CT scan. I remember praying that it was localized and not in the liver. Well first good news is that it is not in the liver or lungs. We do have one suspicious lymph node in the pelvis but not in the region or drainage of the tumor. We are getting a PET scan tomorrow. The original biopsy shows its of colon origin and high grade dysplasia. Of coarse I thought the world was ending at this time and was going to be left with four kids as my wife is only 38. Her CEA number came back at 26, and I'm still trying to figure out what this means. We have been on a very low carb diet since than. Are initial meeting with the oncologist was not good as the doctor was very unprepared, reading the file while we were in the office, and it just didn't go well. We have also meet with the surgeon and the fear is that the location of the tumor is so low that she might have to have a colostomy. The surgeon needs the thing to shrink maybe 2 cm so he feels good about the surgery and getting her hooked back up. The fear now is radiating a 38 year old pelvis. If this tumor is five inches higher radiation isn't in the standard of care I don't understand why if it is high grade dysplasia why it needs to be radiated. We still have to meet the radiologist, get second biopsy back, have the katha port heal, get biopsy back on uterus, and figure out what is going on with the lymph node. Sorry for the quick update, I need to take care of the kids and call insurance companies but I'll be back.

I am finding out there are good days and hellish days. Days I wish we could speed up and get to treatment and days I wish we could take a break figure it out and precede, I guess the the Engineer in me.
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Hi Nathan,
It looks as though your wife and I are in very similar situations. I found out I have S3 rectal cancer and a 12cm tumor 6 weeks ago after a colonoscopy. I was properly diagnosed on 3/8/17 and have been in the same whirlwind of chaos since. I thought I'd reach out because we're both new, this is the first real outreach I've done, I really like the feel of this site. Hearing stay strong all the time is hard. Just being there for your family and staying above water is strong, remember that. My husband is struggling too, but he's somewhere making it work everyday so far, and that itself shows incredible strength to me. I hope the very best for your wife, I am right there with her. I look forward to updates and thoughts we can exchange in the name of getting better and feeling better.
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Thank you I would appreciate that. I noticed you are the same age as my wife with a birthday coming up. I hope this year you get some good news as your birthday present.
Just keep posting, asking questions. It looks like you've got a couple supporters, and I just clicked to support you, however, I have a different cancer. You can also look at the default in the member location, to find same cancer, click to support them, and or just write them directly if you find questions in their stories.

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March 11, 2017

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That I'm so helpless.

just be there

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