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1st week of treatments done

Well our first week of treatments are done.  First off we were iin a good position to tell our four kids.  It's a relieve to have them know now however it was one of the harder things I have had to do in my life.  They are strong kids and I under estimated their optimism or what I like to call faith. 

My wife had five radiation treatments this week  she also is on a pump that gives her a continuous dose of 5-FU twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  hauling the think around is getting old but hey we are finally on treatments.  As far as treatments and side effects.  I like how the doctors all said this first round of chemo won't bother you, well that's not true.   Nausea began about 25 hours after they started.  She compared it to morning sickness.  She started some nausea drug and life has been better.  The radiation hasn't caused burns yet.  She is applying 💯 aloa Vera gel a couple of times of day.  She has started to cramp and bloat today.  She has also passed some blood one time.   The pain in her tail bone is almost gone I'm hoping that means that the tumor is responding to treatments and on its way to meeting its maker so to speak.  

Well not sure if this appropriate or not but tomorrow is Easter and I hope everyone enjoys the day not thinking about this horrible disease and spends time with your family and remember to think about the real meaning of Easter and what great gift Jesus has given to each of us. 

God bless all of you for being there for me and for everyone that has to deal with this dreaded desease. 

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Happy Easter and God Bless!
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I am so glad that she is doing well so far. I never thought of the aloe vera. I think that would be great to use. I still use Aquaphor.
You guys have a wonderful Easter!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday, with family or with special folks, no matter what their belief is.
Hugs Jean
Yes you are right no matter what believe let tomorrow me full of hope.
We have paws and fingers crossed that the treatment is delivering a knock-out blow and side effects won't be too bad. Sending hugs to you both and Easter blessings :*)
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Happy Easter is totally appropriate! These treatment weeks are tough, and you need all the distractions you can get. Take care of your lovely wife and this is the time to be fed lots of chocolate (if she can bear it!)
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That 5-FU pouch is a bitch, isn't it?
But we do what we have to do - and we survive, and we get stronger. Your family and your obvious faith will help you support your wife through the rigors of treatment. You will all get through this, and will emerge victorious! 💪🏽
Yup the pouch is getting old and it's only week one. It's for sure an unwanted guest at night. Good thing for king size bed I guess.
I'm glad you've told your children--they will be able to handle all of this. Getting started with treatment means your wife is going after this beast. I felt much better, emotionally, after I began treatment, knowing I was finally doing something to get rid of the disease. I wish her minimal side effects. I know with the support she will have from you and your children, she will get through this. I wish you all a Happy Easter.
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Glad you've started. I know it is hard to believe, but soon you will join us on the other side. Make sure she keeps up with the hydration as it will become very easy to get dehydrated. When I was at my sickest, I turned over managing my medication to my sister. I wish I had included hydration and had some tracking it to make sure I stayed on top of it. Also, as things move from active treatment (when you are seeing a medical professional everyday) to recovery, keep in mind that many insurance will allow a home health nurse to stop by and check on you. Mine will and I didn't find out until after. If I had done that, I may have avoided the ER.
I also was told that the first round of chemo wouldn't be bad. However about 6 days after the pump came off, mouth sores showed up ...yuk. I think I read that chemo can effect you for 7-10 days.

Hope you have a happy Easter surrounded by friends and family.

Sending you prayers, good vibes and virtual hugs!!
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Nathan, I am so glad you told the kids. Their faith, positive energy, prayers, etc just may contribute to the healing. I don't profess to have any answers about why we get cancer or why some recover and some don't, but having cancer brought me to to the place of knowing love and support are gifts to the soul. And children have a special ability to give those gifts unconditionally. Best wishes through this journey!
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Hang in there!!! Good thoughts and prayers.
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Happy Easter to you and your family Nathan! I am not sure how people get thru something like this without faith and I pray that yours is strong even when you are not feeling so strong yourself. Take care...
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Hang in there! Put up a calendar and let the kids mark off each day with a big red's amazing how quickly it goes and then you start the work of recovery.

Just read the profile and I see that your wife is one of the many, way too many, who have heard from their doctors that "it's just a hemorrhoid, don't worry about it!"

Happy Easter to all of you!
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God Bless you and your family!
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March 11, 2017

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September 28, 1971

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Fluorouracil (5-FU)

That I'm so helpless.

Just be there and give a shoulder and a helping hand.

We looked at N1048. Its very hopeful for early stage three colorectal cancer as it is looking to fight the disease with just chemo. We did not qualify as a iliac lymph node has been tested and has cancer in it.

Help us out with the kids so they can have a break and be normal.

McKay Dee Hospital

Change is bowel habits, constipation, mucous and blood in stool, hair loss and anemia. Was told it was hemorrhoids for two years after complaining they found celiac disease and said that is your problem.



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