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Cramps and Bloating

My wife is well into her second week of pelvic radiation.  The chemo has been kind to her, but I see that the radiation is starting to build up in her.  It obvious that her uterus is not liking being placed into the microwave xray or what ever it is and is not going down without a fight.  How long will she experience the cramps and bloating?  Any suggestions on what she can do to help wtih this side effect?

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Also, cleansing teas, apple cider vinegar with lemon juice & stevia every morning. Add glutamine for cell repair.
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I do not have any good suggestions, but I agree with Lori that good hydration is necessary for lots of reasons. I would recommend she bring this cramping and bloating to the attention of her doctor and see what he/she recommends.
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Talk to the doc. It could be intestinal bloating and it may be helpful to add a probiotic to rebuild the gut bacteria. I still experience intestinal issues. My rad onc recommended eating good yogurt, sauerkraut or olives (doesn't matter the color). But, most importantly, talk to her doc!

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I'm not sure if this applies, but I had a horrific menstrual cycle during radiation (lots of cramping)...I only had one and then they have since stopped completely. Perhaps she is experiencing some PMS type symptoms that are heightened from the radiation? I could be way off base but I thought I should mention it just in case. I'm now dealing with menopause and some other side effects likely from the high doses of radiation. My heart goes out to your wife and I hope she feels some relief very soon! Please tell her I enjoyed her "thumbs up" picture, she is lovely and you can tell she was ready to get these treatments rolling and done...I felt the same way. One last daughter made a paper chain with bright colors during radiation treatments and we hung it in the hallway from the ceiling to the floor, we would take one off each time I had a treatment. It was awesome to see the chain get smaller and smaller and it made my kids happy as well. Perhaps your kiddos would like to do something like that for her remaining treatment days. Take Care!
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thanks everyone for the tips. I do like the chain idea.
My wife did speak to the radiation Onc today and they mentioned that these really bad PMS type issues are normal and that she will have them for awhile. Along with that its time for her cycle also. They did prescribe some sort of bloating medication that I need to go get tonight.
Not looking forward to early menopause, but we will cross that bridge once the cancer bridge has been crossed.
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We looked at N1048. Its very hopeful for early stage three colorectal cancer as it is looking to fight the disease with just chemo. We did not qualify as a iliac lymph node has been tested and has cancer in it.

Help us out with the kids so they can have a break and be normal.

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